Month: November 2015

You can’t love your Dog and wear them too


I want you all to meet Scarlet! She is the cutest little Westie and lives with me in London. She brightens up my day every morning and snuggles next to me before bedtime. I love her so much for the unconditional love she shows me and for the beautiful memories of having her with me since she was a tiny puppy at 4 months old. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t kiss her 10000 times just to show her that she means the world to me. To show her she is cared for and protected and I will be there with her through everything. She is a part of me and I am so thankful to have her. I think she is a natural in front of the camera don’t you?




Who says an outfit needs leather or suede? I am wearing a beige sleeveless coat and over the knee boots from Missguided. I adore these Faux suede boots because they are so perfect for the cold weather in London, and they only cost £45. The Polo Neck Top and jeans are by Zara. This cute ASOS Mini Saddle Cross Body Bag With Studs did not cost me £1000’s and an animal was not skinned for making it. That makes me so happy and If enough people understood the pain of these animals so many would be saved from being made into a bag, or a jacket. Leather is not an animal byproduct and cows, pigs, lamb and calf are not the only victims of the leather trade. In China, dog’s are used for cheap leather and once this leather has been treated with toxic dyes (that are very harmful for the environment) it looks like any other animal skin. They export this to other countries in Asia, Europe and USA. YES Dogs are also made into bags and shoes. With the growing demand for leather, exported dog leather is often sold as ‘lamb’ skin. So please do your research on the leather industry. Stella McCartney exposed the leather trade a few years ago and she said ‘As a designer I like to work with fabrics that don’t bleed; thats why I avoid all animal skins. I want to tell the world that I won’t ever wear the skin of a cow, snake, alligator, seal or rabbit or any other animal. I pledge that mine is the only skin that I’ll be seen in’.



Ignorance is bliss and many do not want to see a disturbing videos or read the facts but that is the reality of thousands of animals all over the world every single day to keep up with our demands for more ‘it’ bags and ‘must have’ shoes. We love our pets at home but forget that other animals in the world are just as special and important. They were created to share this beautiful planet with us but it seems people love to destroy everything beautiful. The past few weeks I have become vegan ( I was vegetarian all my life) and the things I have seen in videos of animal torture for leather, meat, beauty products or just cruelty for no reason at all has really inspired me to become a voice for those who cannot speak.





Now I want to share the thoughts of some of my close friends who have so kindly contributed to this Blog post, expressing their feelings about what animals mean to them.

Neha Chawla

” It would be a lie to say I have been aware of the harm caused to animals because of my selfish fashion habits.
Looking through my wardrobe yesterday I realized that 70% of the accessories I own are made of leather. Expensive leather. It is unfortunate that when the new “it” bag is advertised, the behind-the -scenes of how it got to that big black box with the white ribbon on it, are left unseen. It is easy, for me, at least, to get lost in the big bad world of unethical fashion. Lather handbags are an obsession for many women, including me. I have always been aware of the torture animals go through for the prosecution of leather, however, I have always chosen to be oblivious to it. The fashion industry, like the food industry, has been able to brainwash me to believe that I must have new shoes/bags every season but It has taken me years to realize that not only does this cost me a lot of money but more importantly, it is costing lives.
After yesterday, I have decided to make more conscious decisions and stop buying leather products.
Fur, on the other hand, has been another story for me.I have always been repelled by the idea of fur. The idea of killing an animal and using its fur to keep me warm is primitive to say the least. In a world full of fancy fire-places, heated car seats and heated homes, I find it disgusting to believe we need to kill animals for their fur.
If only we realized the domino effect we are causing to the world by selfishly killing animals, we would actually save our planet. I believe that animals, like us, are created by the universe. We are wrong to believe that we have the power to kill them. They deserve a happy life and it is our responsibility to ensure they have the freedom to live.

The only good thing about furry animals is that they make the best cuddle buddies =)
Hopefully we can all spread the message of love. Killing, harming and torturing animals is never in fashion.”



” True friendship is not only between people, Animals are our real friends too. Every person who has these four-footed friends knows how faithful, grateful and loving they are! They make our lives brighter!
My name is Lily and I can’t imagine my life without my true friend, my lovely cat Richie. He is very smart and understands everything. He always feels my mood, and when I’m sad he always tries to soothe me. This is so touching! He is funny and makes me laugh so often. He is so curious and he looks so cute when he plays. He completes my home and I always miss him so much when I’m away. He is really very special and I am happy and lucky to have him in my life.
The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals. It’s a well known wisdom and it’s important to remember these words! Let’s always stay real Humans – caring and kind to animals.

This last picture is Scarlet meeting a new friend between our photoshoot. We had to stop and capture the moment. How cute do they look!

I hope this Blog post helped people understand why i am vegan and why I will only promote brands and products that are cruelty free on Love And Blossoms. I am only one person but I want to do everything I can to make a difference for animals. Here are some touching words i found on Pinterest to end this post;

 Dear Animals,

I am sorry that you were skinned alive for boots, painfully slaughtered for meat, and enslaved for our entertainment. I’m sorry that you have lost your homes, and your family that have been taken away from you. I’m sorry for the human race not thinking you are important. YOU ARE. We see you, we are trying to help.

From a very small portion of the human race.


Top 5 Organic Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Despite the many advances in skincare, cruelty towards animals still continues in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Non-organic skincare products have parables, sulphates, mineral oil, petroleum and synthetic colours that have been proved to cause high levels of toxins in our body and some have even proved to cause Cancer. These chemicals can block your pores, cause acne and skin allergies too.

So what can we do to stop these innocent animals suffering and making sure these chemicals don’t get into our bodies? We have to be more conscious of what beauty products and cosmetics we buy. Always look for the cruelty free ‘ Bunny’ logo or look for the words ‘not tested on animals’ on the back of beauty products. Do some research about the companies that do not test on animals and buy within these brands. A lot of people do not think twice about what they buy but the reality is cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice and fish are tortured everyday because of our choices. Test products are either ingested or applied and if the animals don’t die during the tests they are put down after. The tests leave them blind, or with severe internal and external burns. These animals cannot defend themselves and have no choice but to endure these painful experiments. It really breaks my heart that this still exists. if everyone only used cruelty free products it would put an end to innocent animals being killed. It is in each one of us to make a difference and once you use organic skincare and see how beautiful your skin feels you will never want to use brands that are full of harsh chemicals and cruelty.

photo 2-6

I love and support organic skincare, and I will only ever buy from brands that love and respect animals. Here are my favourite organic skin products and why I love them so much. REN has been my favourite skincare for years. I love their ‘ clean skincare’ approach and how they combine effective anti-ageing technology that is free of petrochemicals. I LOVE the Keep Young And Beautiful firming and smoothing serum and eye cream. These two products feel beautiful and luxurious on the skin and you can really see the difference when you wake up in the morning. My skin feels younger and firm, and my under eye area looks well rested and bright. I love the lip balm too because it keeps my lips hydrated and super soft. I keep one lip balm in my office table and one in my bag so i always have it with me. You have to try these products and see for yourself, they are truly amazing!



Pai has been a brand I recently came across while i was grocery shopping at As nature Intended organic shop. I always go to buy fruit and vegetables and spend another hour at the skin care section until my sister says we must leave…what can i say I love browsing and learning about new brands! I have heard so many amazing things about the anti- ageing benefits of Rosehip oil so I had to buy this one by Pai. You have to buy this product because it feels like you have new skin in the morning. I use 2-3 drops to damp skin after cleansing my face and firmly press in the oil. I also use a small drop under my eyes and it has helped in reducing my dark circles. You skin looks younger and brighter after regular use of this face oil. If your skin is naturally oily use this once or twice a week.

Another amazing product is the Divine face Oil by Antipodes. This has Rosehip and Avocado oil. This is perfect for tired skin and is full of antioxidants. Avocado oil boosts collagen in the skin and helps reduce the appearance of lines and scars. I use this every other night so my skin can absorb all the nutrients while I sleep. This is another product I would highly recommend using. Natural oils are the best way to preserve the glow of young skin and after constant use it will slow down the ageing process.

I hope this Blog post made everyone take a look at the products they are currently using and do some research about them. Please start buying Cruelty Free and organic and help save animals from a life of constant lab tests, so they can be free and have a loving life. Our actions do make a difference and we must spread awareness!

I had to cancel my photoshoot today because of the rain but I have an amazing look planned for this week which I will share with you in a few days. Lots of love to all of you and thanks for reading.




 P A R I S


photo 3-3



photo 2-6

There is something so magical about Paris and when I was walking around the streets everything around me was so beautiful. The pretty roadside cafes, the vendors selling flowers and the pretty balconies. I stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel and the room was a dream! I could see the Eiffel Tower from my bed. I spent forever looking out the window and admiring the view. On my first afternoon there it was raining so much and I ended up spending some time at a cafe then back to the hotel for the evening.

The following day I woke up early to go to the Eiffel tower to get some pictures before it got busy with tourists. I was overwhelmed by the people there, mostly couples and it seemed that love was all around me. Everyone wanted to get a picture of the Tour Eiffel and it got me thinking why the city  has become a symbol of Love. I thought about it and i think it is something you feel when you are in Paris. The pretty streets, the architecture, the light show at night, everything makes you feel ‘Love’.

Later in the day I went to The Chateau De Versailles and it had the most beautiful French Architecture and painted ceilings I have ever seen. I love how there was so much art and history in one place. I felt so inspired and happy to be there. 

photo-6 copy

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