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photo 3-3 I love Daylesford Organic in Notting Hill and this pretty Christmas tree they have outside is beautiful. Sitting outside, watching the rain and enjoying my soy latte are just the simple things I love so much. I also love their fresh Fruit and Vegetable juices. I have a green juice every day when i wake up and I can see a difference in my hair and skin. I believe beauty is from the inside, make up and creams can only do so much. So start nourishing your body from the inside out. I will do a blog post about my morning routine soon. Now lets talk about my outfit!

I love this faux leather jacket from Zara because it is really soft and looks gorgeous. So many people continue to buy leather but ask yourself why you have to when there are so many cruelty free options available that look amazing. The toxic chemicals that are used to dye and process leather are extremely harmful for the people who dye it and also for our planet. So it is not just the animals you will be saving by buying Faux jackets, shoes and bags. Go on this link https://vimeo.com/88261827 to see how the tanning process of leather affects people and our planet. I love stripes they are classic and can always be styled with the trends of the season. I am wearing a stripy polo neck top and distressed jeans. I love simplicity when it comes to outfits and these cute pink heels add an element of femininity. I love the pop of colour with the Stella McCartney bag in my favourite shade of blue.

I am wearing Zoya nail polish in shade ‘Casey’. It is my favourite shade for winter, a really deep dark burgundy with a hint of purple. I love this nail polish brand because it is vegan and they have lovely shades. You can find them online on Naturismo.com. it is the best online shop for vegan make up and beauty products that i have found so far!

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I am so pleased that the weather in London has been so beautiful this week and we are already in the month of October. I am making the most of it before autumn finally sets in. This outfit for me is inspired by the last days of summer….and I am so excited to tell you that the Off Shoulder Top and the Pleated Pink Chiffon Skirt are my designs and will be available to buy soon. The production is still at the sampling stages and will take a few weeks but I feel so blessed to be able to design my first collection and share it with all of you.

 The tie up heels are the perfect addition to this look and i am wearing sunglasses from ASOS.







   Photos by Bobi